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Am I my brothers keeper
29 March 2022

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Foolhardy and Wiser
23 February 2022

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The year of the big freeze up and other important happenings.
2 February 2022

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Prostatectomy 2018
31 December 2021

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Learn to Read, Read to Learn
16 December 2021

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More Covid frustrations and Grapetime
3 December 2021

If the scientists can develop a vaccine to control Covid-19, then surely there should also be a vaccine against stupidity, because during the current pandemic, both of these manifestations seem to go hand in hand.
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A Bit of Auld Codology
2 December 2021

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DNA and family history
11 November 2021

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The Lonely Joy
26 October 2021

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The Joys of Travel
18 October 2021

The recent trip back to South Africa reminds me of a few other travels during my lifetime.
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COVID-19 in SA - my observations
20 September 2021

Without any doubt the one common dominating factor of my time in Ireland and across the world has been Covid-19, and it is likely to continue to be so for some time to come, in fact I think that it is defining a new way of life for the world and the way we live in general.
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Covid Travel to Ireland
23 August 2021

I reckon that as far as Covid 19 is concerned at this stage, I am the safest person to be near right now. I have just passed two negative PCR tests in the last ten days or so; how long that will remain to be the case is still to be seen - hopefully forever.
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My first blog
1 August 2021

Well, what do you know, at 74 years of age I am sitting down to write my first official blog, whatever that is? Upon checking it on Wikipedia I discovered that it is in fact a shortened version of the word “Weblog”. In other words, an article which is presented on the WWW, typically written in a conversational manner, so as to be easily read and understood, so let’s see what happens.
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