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The Road to Namirembe

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When you set out on a journey you expect to end up at your intended destination, on most occasions you don’t have any intention of going any further. Probably if someone told you that you were nowhere near the end of your journey you would laugh at them, especially if that destination was way off the beaten track of any future travel you may have had in mind.

Or have you ever thought that a single phone call or email could define your future, well that is my story and my life and how an Irish farmer ended up living in South Africa, a place which was furthest from my thoughts when I was milking cows with freezing hands and feet on a cold frosty morning in Ireland.

Or, that I would be involved in setting up a caring facility called CHERUB n Uganda which to date has helped thousands physically disabled of kids to re-gain a decent quality of life, plus the spin off for their families.

That is exactly what happened to myself, having been born, lived and worked on the family farm in Ireland, in 1989 at the age of 42 I took a two-year sabbatical from the farm to take up a placement as a farm manager on the farm belonging to Mengo Hospital in Uganda, I am writing this in 2021 and I am still on “sabbatical”, but not in Uganda, I will be 75 next January.

The ebook which is presented below is a short version of that journey and where it has led me over all those years.

I have also included in the book a few “stand alone” stories which are related to my time in Africa.

I offer it you as it is presented here free of charge, part of it has been professionally proof-read, more of it hasn’t and I have done the layout myself, so it is not perfect, but it is what it is.

I do however reserve the copyright, if anyone wants to use any part of it for any purpose then you can make a request to myself.

Enjoy, Geniet.
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Download the ebook
The Road to Namirembe and other stories by Alan Clegg
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